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Fanatical Fics and Where to Find Them is a Harry Potter podcast where we, your hosts Sequoia Simone and Kim, read the craziest, funniest, and most outlandish Fanfiction we can find! Delving through the likes of and Archive of Our Own, this Harry Potter podcast strives to recapture a time long past by bringing back stories written 10 or more years ago. Whether you remember the surge of Fanfiction writing that occurred in the long years between the release of Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix or not, we strive to keep this podcast accessible to all levels of Harry Potter and Fanfic fans. We hope to become your new favorite Harry Potter podcast… or not your least favorite Harry Potter podcast? or whatever! Check out our recommendations page to read some Harry Potter fanfic that we’ve LOVED!

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Our New Predictions Rules!

Hello Fanatical Fam!

It’s time to turn back the clock and reset our points. That’s right, you too. We’re doing this together, like friends. Now that we’re going into a new phase of predictions it’s time to set down some some rules!

We know that the rules really only apply to us and those of you on our patreon discord trying to earn house points. If you’re just yelling at us on twitter there’s not much we can do to enforce these other than send you an eyeroll emoji.

A couple of guidelines:

1) Keep your predictions specific! Try to guess specific plot points rather than keeping your guesses vague.
2) Guess what’s going to happen in the story! Instead of guessing that someone or something will not appear, keep your predictions about things that are going to happen.

And now, a hopefully not confusing set of rules in the form of a list of things you cannot predict:

You cannot predict:
- That any of the trio or Draco will appear in the story
- That any of the trio, Draco, or Ginny will be “half of the pairing” (you may only guess them in the context of a full pairing)
- That the story will (or will not be) set at Hogwarts (be more specific!)
- That the story contains no magic
- The school year the story takes place in
- That the era is “trio era”
- That the tags are “fluff” or “AU”
- That the pairing is “slash” or “het”
- You cannot guess that something is not going to happen or someone is not going to appear!

OH NO. Hold for the clarification please. We’re just gonna go ahead and contradict that last bit real quick. There is one AND ONLY ONE instance where it is okay to predict that something doesn’t happen. If you are predicting that something that appears in the title of the story does not appear in the story itself. Example from “20,000 Kisses Under the Lake”: There will be no body of water in this story. Why can you do this? Cause it’s bonkers and hilarious. Don’t @ us (except if you do have questions for sure @ us).

Here’s a couple of ways to turn your rule breaking predictions in to rule following predictions!

BAD: This story is trio era.
GOOD: This story is marauders era.

BAD: This story contains no magic.
GOOD: This story has a made up spell in it.

BAD: This story will not be set at Hogwarts.
GOOD: This story will be set at the Burrow.

BAD: Ginny is half of the romantic pairing.
GOOD: Romilda Vane is half the romantic pairing.
BEST: Ginny Weasley and Romilda Vane are the romantic pairing.

We reserve the right to add or change rules at any point because.


Sequoia Simone and Kim