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5 Ravenclaw Characteristics To Be Proud Of

Bad ass Ravenclaw Eagle for bad ass Ravenclaw folks

Bad ass Ravenclaw Eagle for bad ass Ravenclaw folks

“Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure” is the phrase etched into Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem, and the motto that Ravenclaw house is built around. It’s common for bold Gryffindors and ambitious Slytherins to get a lot of attention, but there are many reasons to be proud of being sorted into Ravenclaw. Here are five Ravenclaw characteristics that those who wear the blue and silver eagle should be proud of: 

  1. Wit
    One of the core Ravenclaw characteristics is wit. People from Ravenclaw House have a sharp wit and quick tongue that can make them very fun to be around. They often have a unique sense of humor because of their ability to think quickly and communicate in inventive ways. This intelligent brand of comedy makes them very fun to be around. 

  2. Learning
    Ravenclaws are often very academically motivated. They tend to be very talented students who can excel in many different potential fields. Their hard-working and diligent nature helps them strive to satisfy their deep intellectual curiosities. Even when Ravenclaw students aren’t able to succeed inside of traditional learning models, they have a deep love of learning that makes them incredibly open-minded and interesting people to be around.

  3. Wisdom
    It’s one thing to have book smarts, but wisdom is the kind of intelligence you have to earn by acquiring life experiences. Luckily, wisdom is one of the key Ravenclaw characteristics. Their ability to apply good judgement to complicated situations can be a valuable trait in their own life and helpful to others around them. 

  4. Memory
    Another thing to be proud of is that Ravenclaws tend to have skills focused around memory. For example, Garrick Ollivander was a Ravenclaw who had a photographic memory. He was able to remember every wand he had ever sold and the wizard he had sold it to. Another Ravenclaw with memory skills is Gilderoy Lockhart, who excelled at Memory Charms. A Ravenclaw’s tendency towards having a talented memory aids their curiosity about the world by helping them pay attention to the world around them. 

  5. Creativity
    Another Ravenclaw characteristic that tends to be overlooked is creativity. This can often manifest as eccentricity in Ravenclaws like Xenophilius and Luna Lovegood. However, that creativity can also manifest as innovation, independence, and exceptional problem solving skills. 

These are just a few of the reasons to be proud of being a part of Ravenclaw House. Regardless of the characteristics that you specifically possess, like The Sorting Hat says, Ravenclaw Tower is a place “where those of wit and learning will always find their kind.”