Fanatical Fics and Where to Find Them

Fanatical Fics and Where to Find Them: A Harry Potter Podcast

Fanatical Fics and Where to Find Them is a Harry Potter podcast where we, your hosts Sequoia Simone and Kim, read the craziest, funniest, and most outlandish Fanfiction we can find! Delving through the likes of and Archive of Our Own, this Harry Potter podcast strives to recapture a time long past by bringing back stories written 10 or more years ago. Whether you remember the surge of Fanfiction writing that occurred in the long years between the release of Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix or not, we strive to keep this podcast accessible to all levels of Harry Potter and Fanfic fans. We hope to become your new favorite Harry Potter podcast… or not your least favorite Harry Potter podcast? or whatever! Check out our recommendations page to read some Harry Potter fanfic that we’ve LOVED!

When Fanfic Goes Off the Rails: A Complete List of Citations

Hello! If you’re here you likely attended our lecture on Crackfic at LeakyCon! We’re glad you’ve made it to this complete list of citations. The fic is listed with the method it is meant to demonstrate.

Please note that, though these fics were used as examples in our presentation, that does not mean we endorse all themes and ideas expressed within them.

Crackfic takes an element or elements of a story multiple steps beyond anything that could be feasible in canon.
”Harry has boobs” by Drunk Like A Fox

Crackfic is written as if the author is possessed by an idea and they must get it out at all costs.
”Harry Potter Becomes a Communist” by HardcoreCommie

Crackfic is often intended to be Crackfic. This may not always be true as a just insane enough or written in the correct state of mania may also qualify.
”Things that Happen in the Broomshed” by Izzy

It is past their bedtime.
”Goodbye Hogwarts” by Kindali Sidera

They have consumed an abnormal amount of sugar and/or caffeine.
”Things That Fall From The Sky” by PH34R M3

They have had a thought… and now they cannot stop thinking about it.
”Sacred Union” by redcandle

They were having a sleepover with their cousin/BFF and they were taking turns writing sentences.
Things just happen with no lead up or explanation.
”A Walk in the Woods” by Lizzee

They are writing in response to a competition prompt.
”Another Valentines’ Disaster” by Jiwwy

Crack Pairing.
”Hogwarts’ Best Kept Secret” by phoenical-maniax
”A House Elf’s Needs” by Chaos-chick3
”Master and Apprentice” by Pasi

Crack Plot. Also referred to as “Plot Bunny”.
”Reborn” by PunxComplex

Angst Crack.
”Unfortunate Mishaps” by SingingDancingBrunette

Competition Crack.
”The Great Garden Gnome Rebellion” by Margurite

”Harry Potter and the Sporktacular Crossover” by FrontskyFeinter

”Harry Potter’s Weird Bird” by Maxine

The Harry Potter characters are shown really engaging with real world media.
”Megan’s Very Belated BDay Crack fic” by Swiftrunner
”Time Warping Through the Wizarding World” by sephsdaughter

There is an excess of CAPS LOCK.
”Rage” by KumikoAliceFlames13

The text is made up entirely of dialogue.
”Ginny Weasley and the Wallet” by Kitti

There are one or more rambling off topic Author's Notes.
”A Birthday Tale” by Dying Swan

The story reads like unedited, stream of consciousness.
”Niffler on Crack” by TheSniffingNiftyNiffler

The story has actual drugs in it.
”Harry Pothead and the sorcerer’s bong” by i-may-be-sick

Crackfic: A Case Study
”Can’t We All Just Get Along?” by Xabelle